SQream DB + Tableau

Tableau and SQream DB bring interactive analysis to hundreds of terabytes, for any workload

Size matters when it comes to your data

Leading businesses use SQream DB with Tableau, to make informed decisions about critical business aspects. SQream DB lets business users ask more questions about more data, without cutting down, pre-aggregating or forcing DBAs to remodel the database.

Tableau and SQream DB makes a difference in the way you work with your data, with thousands of GPU processing cores. SQream DB's GPU data warehousing technology lets Tableau users get near real-time interactive analytics, for any scale of data.

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SQream is a Tableau Technology Partner

Tableau Partner

Tableau Software helps people understand data. It lets anyone analyze and visualize information quickly.

As a Tableau Technology Partner, SQream harnesses the visual platform provided by Tableau, and enhances it with the Big Data capabilities of SQream DB.

Tableau Live Connection with Joins

Let SQream DB do the hard work

Push down the complex analytics, transforms, joins into SQream DB

Unlike other databases, SQream DB can answer Tableau’s queries in Live mode, without creating pre-aggregated, de-normalized tables. While other databases may need to distribute tables carefully or create projections and materialized views, with SQream DB these are unnecessary. SQream DB's patented GPU technology puts Tableau big data in your reach.

Tableau with Big Data got you down? SQream DB can help

Combining the scalable power of the GPU with Tableau’s powerful visualization engine, SQream is enhancing the way companies perform big data analytics.

Deeper historical insights and a lot more data is now at your fingertips. With drag-and-drop simplicity, your BI users can now query many terabytes of live data in seconds, instead of long minutes or even hours.

Collect data from all data sources

SQream DB and Tableau - Load data from Kafka, Spark, Hive, S3, CSVs into SQream DB. Let SQream DB do the hard GPU acceleration for Tableau

Ingest data from any relational source into SQream DB. Our patented GPU technology and algorithms pre-process the data as it is ingested, jump-starting performance and providing near instant responses to Tableau interactions.

Uncover the hidden insights in your data by visually interacting with it. Expand your query windows from weeks to years to find trends.SQream DB lets business users and analysts query trillions of rows of data and get results faster than ever before.

Slow Tableau dashboards are slowing down your business. Get more questions answered per hour, and more insights for making better decisions, without compromise.

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