Tableau + SQream DB

Big Data with Tableau with GPU database SQream DB

Tableau is mature, feature-rich, and makes it incredibly easy to build interactive dashboards. Pretty much any user, with any level of experience can create actionable, reactive dashboards with varying levels of granularity. That’s why it’s also SQream’s go-to tool for visualizing our product.

The integration between SQream DB and Tableau makes use of the ODBC driver, supported natively by both.

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SQream is a Tableau Partner

Tableau Partner

Tableau Software helps people understand data. It lets anyone analyze and visualize information quickly.

As a Tableau Partner, SQream harnesses the visual platform provided by Tableau, and enhances it with the Big Data capabilities of SQream DB.

Tableau with Big Data got you down? SQream DB will help

Unlike other databases, SQream DB can answer Tableau’s queries in Live mode, without creating pre-aggregated, de-normalized tables. While other databases may need to distribute tables carefully or create projections and materialized views, with SQream DB these are unnecessary. SQream DB's patented GPU technology puts Tableau big data in your reach.

By combining SQream DB and Tableau, deeper historical insights and a lot more data is now at your fingertips. With drag-and-drop simplicity, your BI users can now query many terabytes of live data in seconds, instead of long minutes or even hours.

Slow Tableau dashboards are slowing down your business. Get more questions answered per hour, and more insights for making better decisions, without compromise.

SQream DB

  • ANSI-92 compliant
  • JDBC / ODBC / Python connectivity
  • Fast ingestion speed
  • Always-on compression
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Index-free operation
  • High availability
  • Developer friendly Python connectors


  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful dashboards in minutes
  • Turns data into insights
  • Helps decision making
  • Mobile dashboards through Tableau Server
  • ODBC connectivity to most databases