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Faster and better ML data preparation with SQream

Don’t settle for a sample. Ask Bigger.

Leveraging the ability to perform numerous tasks across several GPU cores in parallel, SQream’s petabyte-scale analytics engine was designed to deal with complex data preprocessing and data wrangling

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From heavy investments to painful compromises on time and complexity,
querying big data has limits that keep your business behind. Not anymore.
It's time to Ask Bigger with SQream.

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SQream and Oracle

SQream delivers big data analytics with OCI powerful high-compute GPUs and agile cloud native Kubernetes

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To Ask Bigger you've got to be able to

Go faster

Get answers from big data queries in 2 hours instead of 2 days. No latency. Just insights.

Dig deeper

Leverage your massive data to run AI models better and get the business insights you really need.

Reach anywhere

Run queries wherever data is, in any format it’s in, without even ingesting it, at 30% lower cost.

From fast growing startups to Fortune 100's - they all rely on SQream

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SQream product offerings

With SQream's multiple product lines there's a solution for everyone. You can ask your data any business question and get the insight you need fast. Finally, off-limits questions are a thing of the past.


A SQL database that empowers organizations to perform complex analytics on a petabyte-scale of data and gain time-sensitive business insights faster and cheaper than from any other solution.

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  • Querying up to 100 PB
  • ∞ complex queries
  • 5X Faster business insights
  • 1/5 TCO
  • 1/10 physical hardware
  • 1/10 carbon footprint


A managed cloud data warehouse with no-code ELT data connectors enables users to sync, store, and access all their business data.

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Case studies

AIS Thailand asked

AIS Thailand turns billions of records of siloed data into better network management and a competitive advantage

Picture this . . . you’re the largest GSM mobile phone operator in Thailand. You provide fixed broadband, voice, and data communications services for over 40 million subscribers throughout the […]

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Live Action asked

LiveAction accelerates queries from 6 hours to 20 minutes for faster network analysis at scale

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Saucey asked

Beverage Delivery Service Empowers Their Employees with Data Insights and Boosts Efficiency Across the Business

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Find out why organizations ranging from fast-growing startups to Fortune 100s all rely on SQream.

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