The GPU database for exponentially growing data

Faster BI dashboards and Data Science models. Increased productivity of data scientists with the power of SQream's GPU SQL database


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Power Your Tableau Users With Big Data

Power your BI with Big Data

Tableau users can add SQream DB to their workflow to analyze trillions of rows. Uncover long-term trends, patterns, customer behavior, and more.

SQream DB integrates into your existing Tableau reporting infrastructure with just a few clicks.

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With SQream DB and Tableau, deeper historical insights and a lot more data is now at your fingertips. With drag-and-drop simplicity, your BI users can now query many terabytes of live data in seconds, instead of long minutes or even hours.

The flexible database for big data science

SQream DB is the GPU database built with flexibility designed in, so you can query what you want, when you want it. With SQream DB's big data architecture, you don't need lengthy pre-aggregations, cubes, indexing or remodeling every time your query changes.

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Connect to Jupyter, R, Python and others using native Python, C++, ODBC, JDBC and .Net connectors

SQream DB runs on all NVIDIA enabled hardware

JOIN on anything

Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), and without manual indexing or pre-aggregating

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Deliver insights immediately

Connect any BI tool and start deep diving into your data. No pre-planning or indexing necessary.

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Always-On Compression

SQream DB compresses everything, all the time. This helps saves disk I/O and PCI I/O. This is made possible with the power of the GPU

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SQream DB — Powerful, GPU SQL analytics for

customer behaviour analysis

We saw a tremendously cost effective way to get comprehensive analytic abilities we didn’t have before SQream.

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RF Group Leader
RF Group Leader, Cellcom

SQream and Orange demonstrate x100 cost performance removing limits of databases.

Pascal Déchamboux
Director of Software & Technical Architecture, Orange Corporate IT

SQream is helping us to cut years of cancer research on large genomic datasets.

Prof. Gideon Rechavi
Head of Sheba Medical Center, Cancer Research Center

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