SQream for Telecom

Leveraging the power of GPU acceleration, SQream’s platform helps Telecom companies know more and move faster than ever, make smart, time-critical decisions, break down data siloes, and increase their operational efficiency from day one.


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Delivering a Better Customer Service


Enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction with improved call center support, faster data transfer speeds, and accurate billing.


SQream enables telecom companies to process vast amounts of customer interaction data efficiently. This leads to in-depth analysis and understanding of customer needs, resulting in refined call center operations and accurate billing.


Resolving Billing Complexities


Tackling invoice and billing inaccuracies that cause customer dissatisfaction and operational challenges.


SQream's capability to handle complex queries simplifies the task of managing diverse and intricate billing data. This ensures precise financial tracking, reducing billing errors significantly and bolstering customer trust.


Planning and Building Future-Ready Networks


Adapting telecom network infrastructure to meet rapidly changing demands and technology advancements efficiently.


SQream's platform excels in analyzing large telecom datasets quickly and cost-effectively, enabling precise network demand forecasting and strategic infrastructure investment. This results in a robust and scalable network, well-suited for the industry's evolving demands. Learn more about how SQream outperforms other solutions on our network planning benchmark page here.


Maximizing Insights, Minimizing Costs


Your data keeps growing, and you find yourself paying increasingly more for computing power, simply to manage and analyze it all, leading to compromises like analyzing only a small portion of your data or avoiding complex queries.


The SQream Solution: At half the cost and double the performance compared to traditional systems, SQream empowers companies to extract value from their data at an exceptional cost-performance ratio, so you no longer have to choose between thorough analysis and manageable costs.

SQream doesn't have to replace any existing component in your current data stack; it supercharges them, enhancing and accelerating processes that require a performance boost. Our technology improves your current data infrastructure, enabling your organization to manage and analyze data more effectively without a complete system overhaul.

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