By Raz Kaplan, 11.28.2022

AIS Thailand turns billions of records of siloed data into better network management and a competitive advantage

Picture this . . . you’re the largest GSM mobile phone operator in Thailand. You provide fixed broadband, voice, and data communications services for over 40 million subscribers throughout the country. You have nearly 50% market share, have been ranked as having the fastest network for five years in a row, and was rated as the country’s most admired brand and company.

But, in your highly competitive market keeping dozens of millions of customers happy is a major challenge. You need insights on how to improve the customer experience and assure quality of service. But extracting insights from your database is a struggle. It just can’t handle the growing volumes of data. It requires data to be pre-aggregated prior to analysis, which is time consuming. And queries take hours, sometimes days.

So, you turn to SQream to get fast and cost-effective access to your massive amounts of customer data. With our rapid GPU-based processing you’re now joining billions of data records from many different sources in seconds. And with SQreamDB, our data analytics acceleration engine, and with our Smart Benchmarking Dashboard, the leadership team can analyze and troubleshoot nationwide network quality issues in just a few clicks.

Now, you can run  a complex competitive query comprising hundreds of millions of raw data records in less than 50 seconds instead of an hour. You can perform deeper drilldowns, faster competitive analyses, and data aggregation on key customers and network performance KPIs. The network and service operation teams can monitor drops 10x faster than before. And you can quickly identify customer issues, offer more targeted communications, improve first-call resolution, and reduce customer churn. And all this because you can ask bigger.