By Raz Kaplan, 12.12.2022

Electronics giant improves yield from 50% to 90%

Picture this … you’re one of the largest electronics companies in the world.

One of your production divisions is key to making all of your metrics shine. With your dedication to innovation, you’re always rolling out new technologies to the industry.

But, there’s no way for you to get ahead of screen manufacturing issues on the production line.

You’re trying to run queries and AI models on the trillions of rows of data your machines generate every day. But, before you do this, you have to retrieve it from multiple locations and prepare the raw data for analytics. So, when you finally get to analyze it, the damage has already been done – stalling production and hurting your profit.

So, you turn to SQream. With our auto-compression and GPU-accelerated technology, your daily 30-100 TB  of data gets ingested at a rate of 20 million rows per second – faster than all the other providers you look at. 98% quicker data preparation means easy access to your data for analytics, and for that giant it also meant 90% reduction in cost. There’s no waiting when you need to ask complex questions of your machines, and you’re able to quickly detect the small signs of faults and defects.

Now, you’re quick to jump on manufacturing anomalies and spot areas for improvement all the time and resources that used to be spent on preparing data, creating manual exhausting reports that reflect irrelevant conclusions, and correcting machines’ malfunctions are now spent on advancing your display technology and operations. Because when you can Ask Bigger, you can build bigger too.

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