Transforming Retail Data
into Competitive Edge

Retail is an industry driven by data. From customer interactions to operational efficiencies, every bit of information can unlock new avenues for innovation and growth. SQream, with its fast, cost-efficient big data analytics capabilities, is perfectly positioned to help retailers transform these data challenges into strategic advantages.


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Accelerating Data-Driven Retail Decisions


The need for rapid processing and analysis of large volumes of retail data to keep pace with market trends and consumer demands.


Utilizing GPU acceleration, SQream offers fast and efficient data analysis, crucial for dynamic pricing, marketing campaign adjustments, and real-time inventory management.


Enhancing Customer Experience Personalization


Retailers strive to understand and anticipate customer preferences and behaviors using diverse data sources.


SQream processes extensive customer interaction data, enabling retailers to create highly personalized shopping experiences, both online and in-store, and to refine customer engagement strategies.


Optimizing Inventory Management with Historical Insights


Retailers need to analyze past sales and inventory data to optimize stock levels and reduce overstock or stockouts.


SQream facilitates rapid access to and analysis of historical retail data, aiding retailers in making informed decisions on inventory management and ensuring optimal stock levels to meet customer demand.


Streamlining Complex Retail Analytics


Retailers face the challenge of analyzing intricate data from various sources, including supply chain logistics and sales transactions.


SQream simplifies the processing of complex, multi-dimensional retail data, enabling retailers to gain insights into supply chain efficiency, sales performance, and customer buying patterns.


Maximizing Insights while Minimizing Costs


Your retail data keeps growing, and you find yourself paying increasingly more for compute power, simply to manage and analyze it all, leading to compromises like analyzing only a small portion of your data or avoiding complex queries.


At half the cost and double the performance compared to traditional systems, SQream empowers companies to extract value from their data at an exceptional cost-performance ratio, so you no longer have to choose between thorough analysis and manageable costs.

SQream doesn't have to replace any existing component in your current data stack; it supercharges them, enhancing and accelerating processes that require a performance boost. Our technology improves your current data infrastructure, enabling your organization to manage and analyze data more effectively without a complete system overhaul.

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