SQream’s Ask Bigger DNA

The essence of being a SQreamer

At SQream, who we are, what we do, what inspires us daily, and what we are all about is Asking Bigger. Instead of settling for questions we’ve asked ourselves before, we want to explore new possibilities and Ask Bigger and bolder questions that take our customers and our business to innovative new places.

 When did we start to Ask Bigger?

In fact, we’ve been Asking Bigger from the very beginning.

We were seeing all around us the masses of data that organizations all over the world were collecting without the actual ability to use it. Just imagine all the knowledge, insights, and answers that could be found in it. 

There was too much data and existing tools simply couldn’t harness it all and as data evolved from big to massive, the task got harder and harder. It was impossible to get reliable answers to some very basic do-or-die questions such as:

  •         Why is our service lagging?
  •         How much impact is our new multi-million-dollar system having on customer relationships?
  •         How can we flag all the evidence of data theft?
  •         How can we reduce customer churn?

And many more. You get it.

The a-ha moment

So that’s why our founders, way back in 2010, decided that there had to be another way And they found it. They had their a-ha! moment.

The “it” that they found was that if we utilized GPU and architect the engine around it to crunch massive amounts of data in SQL, then we can get over these critical data hurdles (too much data, too many tool limitations).

This approach is groundbreaking because it really is the only way to handle peta-scale datasets and queries with infinite complexity. And to do it super fast.

We wanted to create a reality of no off-limits questions, where you can dig deeper into the data, go faster with your time to insight, and reach anywhere you desire. We decided this will be our mission.

Being a SQreamer 

We wouldn’t be here today without this passion of doing things different, saying no to “impossible,” and going way out of the box to find innovative solutions. This our Ask Bigger DNA is all about.

At SQream, we are developers, builders, thinkers, and doers who get one massive Oxytocin rush from doing what other didn’t dare to do or even thought about. Some people told us:

  •         “It’s impossible.
  •         “It’s too complicated.”
  •         “Everyone’s tried it already.”

But it didn’t stop us…

Taking the journey together

Every day, thanks to the curiosity, passion and commitment of our teammates, the evolving needs of our customers, the big collaboration of our partners, and the support of our investors, we just keep aiming bigger. 

Being a SQreamer and having that special DNA means getting the brilliant opportunity to take an exciting journey of pushing limits, not taking no for an answer, doing what needs doing, daring, trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding.

It’s about never underestimating each other’s true potential and capabilities and never believing that bigger is impossible.

While following this mission, we formed a unique vibe of people who care deeply about each other, enjoy working together, and approach things in a very authentic way.  

So, want to ask bigger questions too? Join us. Check out our open positions and let’s Ask Bigger together.



SQream team