SQream for Manufacturing

From processing massive volumes of operational data to making timely informed decisions when it really matters, manufacturers are facing ever-growing data challenges. SQream empowers manufacturers to unlock the full potential of their data, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, efficiency, and innovation.


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Turning Manufacturing Challenges into Opportunities


Preparing and leveraging manufacturing data for Machine Learning (ML) applications to drive innovation and efficiency.


SQream streamlines the preparation of diverse manufacturing datasets for ML. By handling large-scale data more efficiently, manufacturers can train more accurate ML models, leading to smarter automation and predictive analytics.


Integrating MIS and MES Data: Complete Data Utilization


Optimizing production by integrating Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) data.


SQream processes vast volumes of MIS and MES data comprehensively, avoiding data sampling. This approach provides manufacturers with a complete and accurate view of their operations, leading to improved decision-making, optimized production processes, and enhanced operational efficiency.


Eliminating Data Silos: Unrestricted Historical Data Access


Improving supply chain performance by integrating and sharing critical data.


SQream breaks down data silos, offering unrestricted access to historical supply chain data. This approach enhances visibility and agility in the supply chain, allowing manufacturers to anticipate and mitigate disruptions swiftly.


Applying Context to Data: Complex Queries Simplified


Transforming data from intelligent devices into actionable intelligence with the right context.


SQream's platform excels in handling complex, multi-dimensional queries, ensuring that data from intelligent devices is analyzed with the necessary context. This capability translates into actionable insights, driving safe and efficient manufacturing operations.


Maximizing Insights, Minimizing Costs


Your data keeps growing, and you find yourself paying increasingly more for computing power, simply to manage and analyze it all, leading to compromises like analyzing only a small portion of your data or avoiding complex queries.


At half the cost and double the performance compared to traditional systems, SQream empowers companies to extract value from their data at an exceptional cost-performance ratio, so you no longer have to choose between thorough analysis and manageable costs.

SQream doesn't have to replace any existing component in your current data stack; it supercharges them, enhancing and accelerating processes that require a performance boost. Our technology improves your current data infrastructure, enabling your organization to manage and analyze data more effectively without a complete system overhaul.

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