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Transforming Your AI / ML Models

Data drives your AI/ML pipeline. It’s critical for training, testing and validating AI/ML algorithms. In fact, the more data you feed AI/ML algorithms, the better they perform, and the more accurate and significant the results. Yet most enterprises are challenged with accessing, preparing and analyzing their massive data.

SQream DB accelerates your massive data analytics, for more accurate and reliable AI/ML models.

SQream DB interfaces with common machine learning frameworks like Spark MLib, R, and TensorFlow, and can feed them with fast data after it has been “sliced and diced” with standard SQL preparation techniques.

SQream ingests data at 3 TB/hr and breezes through trillions of rows of data, getting you results in a fraction of the time.
SQream scales to virtually unlimited data sizes. Grow from to terabytes to petabytes without having to expand expensive legacy systems.
More Accurate
SQream rapidly analyzes massive datasets, for more comprehensive model training and accurate AI/ML algorithms.
Empower Your
Data Teams
Gain unrestricted access to your massive raw data, with the ability to classify and segment without time-consuming preparation.
Large Telecom Provider Enhances Cyber Security Capabilities

Accurately distinguishing cyber threats from legitimate activity during peak usage times is a challenge, and false detection could lead to the disruption of legitimate customer usage. To achieve accurate detection, AI models must be trained with massive amounts of data from security devices. The more data they are fed, the more accurate their predictions will be.

A large telecom provider integrated SQream with SAS Viya to rapidly ingest and analyze massive data from multiple sources, which was then used to train their AI algorithms to detect and prevent cyber and DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks on their vast network. The solution enables the analysis of more data over longer periods of time, resulting in extremely high detection accuracy and minimal false alarms. As a result, the company was able to reduce operational costs, and shift resources from investigating false threats to better handling real ones.

Organization Uses SQream to Accurately Identify Threats

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