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SQream DB - built for your scale of data

Ultimate performance at any scale

SQream DB significantly speeds up loading and analysis of data, compared to CPU solutions

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Accelerated data warehouse

Enables scaling from terabytes to petabytes. Trillions of records in one smart database

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Fully-featured SQL

SQream DB has full support for ANSI SQL, which supports your current tools and environment

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Meet SQream DB

SQream DB is a fully-featured accelerated data warehouse, capable of handling the most complex queries. SQream DB has all of the features you expect from a relational database system, like comprehensive ANSI SQL support. Anyone can use SQream DB to load, store, and analyze data significantly faster than any other data warehouse.

Our architects and engineers build SQream DB using patented and patent-pending algorithms, and an entirely new architecture. The result is a fast, scalable GPU-accelerated data warehouse that can handle the most demanding workloads.

Ultimate performance

SQream DB uses advanced columnar techniques, along with high-throughput processors to efficiently process your data. SQream DB significantly speeds up ingestion and analysis of data compared to CPU-bound industry-leading solutions.

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Introducing SQream DB

GPU acceleration for more data

Once only used for graphics processing, massively-parallel GPUs are capable of processing data significantly faster than CPU-only configurations, and with extreme efficiency. GPU acceleration is available on-premise and in the cloud, supported by a large variety of applications and frameworks.

SQream DB leads the way, with the most powerful and flexible GPU-accelerated database for data warehousing solution, capable of handling today's challenges, and adapt to tomorrow's data scale.

Our customers routinely analyze trillions of records, in some of the leading enterprises around the world.

Spotlight on GPU Databases
SQream DB Architecture


SQream DB was built with full support for ANSI SQL, which supports your current tools and environment. SQream DB supports complex joins, window functions, REGEX, CTEs, and more - to give you the full, uninhibited access you need to your data.

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Designed for any scale of data

SQream DB decoupled storage from compute, which makes scaling a breeze. Unlike other solutions, you don't need to copy, re-distribute or re-partition your data when your team grows.

Our unique "Load-and-Go" methodology means it won't take hours to get insight. SQream DB loads data faster than any other data warehouse, with no tweaking necessary. SQream DB handles it all for you, so you can focus on using the data, rather than preparing it.

SQream DB integrates into your rich ecosystem

SQream DB integrates with your familiar BI tools, or even your custom-built ones, with our wide selection of drivers and connectors, including ODBC, JDBC, Python, Node.JS, Spark, R, Java, and C++.

SQream DB in your Ecosystem

Loading from Parquet, CSV, JDBC, Spark or others? SQream's got your back. Feel at home with your usual tools, and let SQream DB's GPU engine do the hard work for your existing BI tools.

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See SQream DB in action, on your data

You won't know until you try it, and see that SQream DB can really get you fast insights. Why not try it on your own data? Bring the power of SQream DB to your business, and empower your team

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SQream helps us to keep pace with rapidly increasing data usage and translate that data into real benefits for our customers

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Suppachai Panichayunon
Head of Solution Design and Architect, AIS

With our aim to be future ready, SQream helps us reduce the query time and create value for our customers.

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Ajit Singh
Sr. VP Engineering, ACL Mobile

We saw a tremendously cost effective way to get comprehensive analytic abilities we didn’t have before SQream.

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RF Group Leader, Cellcom
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