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Designed for data science

Data science queries are often complex, with multiple joins and transformations. SQream DB is built from the ground up, to make the best use of available resources, including the revolutionary power of the GPU.


Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), and without manual indexing or pre-aggregating.

Process trillions of rows, near real-time

Our users use SQream DB for ad-hoc queries and models that require fast data ingestion while retaining high-throughput queries, that benefit from the power of GPUs

Standard connectors and APIs

SQream DB supports JDBC, ODBC, .Net as standard connectors, as well as Python and C++ APIs in order to fit your apps and tools.

Tableau and SQream DB

SQream DB's Innovative Database Engine

Automatic Partioning

Automatic partitioning allows selective access to the required subset of columns, reducing disk scan and memory I/O when compared with standard row storage.

Powerful columnar engine

SQream DB, like other analytics databases, is a columnar database. This means data is highly compressed, and adding more data doesn't slow down your existing queries.

SQream DB combines GPU and CPU

The Traditional Method

Multi-core CPU

The SQream Method

Multi-core CPU and GPU

Analyze hundreds of terabytes with a single machine

SQream DB's GPU-accelerated architecture results in significantly lower hardware requirements and costs

SQream DB is certified on hardware from

Dell EMC Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo Cisco logo Supermicro Logo

Or on these cloud providers

Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure IBM Bluemix

Enabled with


Advanced SQL Support

ANSI-92 SQL support, with extensions. We support JOINs, aggregations, window functions, Regex, string and numerical operations, as well as online schema changes and advanced role permissions.

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Window functions, aggregations, ...

Get more perspectives on your data, in fewer queries.

Role-based permission system

Your database administrators control access with SQream DB's extensive role-based permission system.

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