ACL Mobile uses SQream DB as a cost-effective deep analytics platform for reporting

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Deep analytics for reporting with a cost-effective GPU database


Telecom enterprise messaging

Billions of messages per year

ACL Mobile Uses SQream DB GPU Database for Deep Data Analysis of their Enterprise Messaging Operation, Enabling Highly Sensitive, High-Frequency Reporting

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Improving customer experience with a cost-effective data warehouse and self-service solution

Growth and increased data load made scaling hard

ACL's solutions help businesses build a smarter connect with their customers, enhance relationship and achieve profitability. ACL sends more than 2 billion messages a month across 200+ countries with 99.99% reliability and uptime.

As the company grew to send billions of transactional alerts, one time passwords, text messages and e-mails, the large amounts of self-service users meant increased data load. The increased load meant self-service platforms became sluggish.

ACL was using relational databases before SQream DB. Reports had to be timed carefully, and filters were placed on the history to reduce database load. It became apparent that the old solution was not agile for larger volumes.

Real-time analytics harness efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction

ACL chose SQream as a powerful GPU database system, which enables the simplification of processes, while maintaining high availability and reliability.

SQream DB’s OLAP architecture allows for unlimited accumulation of data, without loss of performance, thanks to smart metadata tagging and negative indexes being kept transparently by SQream DB.

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With SQream DB, ACL Mobile has improved the response time for customers to near real-time, while reducing the hardware footprint from comparable solutions.
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    With our aim to be future ready, SQream helps us reduce the query time and create value for our customers.
    Ajit Singh
    Sr. VP Engineering, ACL Mobile

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Deep analytics for reporting with a cost-effective GPU database

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