By Raz Kaplan, 11.28.2022

LiveAction accelerates queries from 6 hours to 20 minutes for faster network analysis at scale

Picture this . . . you’re an award-winning provider of network performance monitoring and management software solutions. Your products help engineering teams monitor, manage, and diagnose issues on their networks in real time so they can assure  network security and performance. Fortune 500 companies rely on you for network visibility, diagnosis, and troubleshooting, and you have a rich partner ecosystem with global technology leaders.

But, as your business has grown to include enterprise customers with terabytes of data coming in by the hour, you’re facing major issues with analyzing massive datasets. Maintaining accurate dashboards and up-to-date alerts has overwhelmed your system. Your data analysts are struggling with long-running data ingest and SQL queries. Productivity has been impacted and results have been compromised.

So, you turn to SQream for as an OEM solution to embed in your network monitoring platform. You deploy the SQream-powered platform to help your enterprise customers to handle massive data ingest and concurrent querying. With SQream you can ingest 4 TB/hour at 20x faster than targeted, and at 20 minutes vs. the 6 hours it used to take.

Now, you can ingest and interrogate data simultaneously to easily scale to support newly deployed IoT devices and facilitate historical analysis of IoT network data over long periods of time. Your customers can now gain continuous, live visibility into their networks, proactively identify, and quickly resolve network issues, reducing downtime costs, accelerating troubleshooting, mitigating security threats, and increasing quality of service along with customer satisfaction. This is exactly what happened with LiveAction, when they final could ask bigger.