Customer Behaviour Analytics with SQream DB


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Saving hours on reporting with SQream DB

A leading Tier-1 mobile operator deployed SQream DB to unlock more insights from their collected data. The mobile operator was looking to increase revenues by implementing an advanced location based analytics solution for targeted billboard campaigns, with optimized ad targeting and near real-time interactions.

Overloaded, distributed system before SQream DB

Before deploying SQream DB, the operator had an infrastructure consisting of 80 Greenplum nodes. The lengthy ETL process limited daily reporting to a short window, reducing relevance of reports due to the aged data in the system.

Simplified analytics solution with SQream DB

Simplified Data pipeline with SQream

The operator chose to deploy SQream DB for scale, speed and simplicity afforded by its market-leading GPU-based design. SQream DB provides a high-performing, rapid, end-to-end analytics solution enabling the marketing business unit to get deeper near real-time insights about its customers and their behavior and by such, deliver them with more targeted, customized ads.

The new SQream DB system avoids the unnecessary pre-aggregation steps, and optimizes the ETL process, simplifies the complexity of the database infrastructure and allows data to flow constantly between the source systems and SQream DB.

Time-to-market for reports reduced by 18x

HP DL380g9 server with NVIDIA Telsa K80 cardWith a repurposed 2U server with a single NVIDIA K80 card for handling 40TB of data, the operator is now able to avoid expanding the legacy MPP system. With a leaner IT operation, there are now tangible savings on expenses while delivering the business new analytics capabilities. SQream DB ingests tens of billions of records per day, and can query both fresh and historical data at the same time, without lengthy pre-aggregation steps.

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