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Business Value Case

Communication platform as a service for Compliance Monitoring

47% TCO Reduction
25B transactions annually
40,000 queries daily

Global CPaas (Communications Platform as a Service provider), has adopted SQream as their main platform to store A2P (application to person) messaging; emails and voice messages. With over 50,000 developers that are using the platform APIs and over 25bB transactions annually, they experienced severe performance issues. SQream is used for deep data analysis for the messaging operation, facilitating 40,000 queries daily and enabling highly sensitive-secured and high-frequency reporting

Industry Vertical: Banking / Telecom (Messaging)
Economic Buyer: Head of Multi-Tenant
Enterprise Platform: Head of Messaging


Why Do Anything?

The solution in place could not perform under the pressure of data amounts and required processes. The bank’s agents complained that they couldn’t access critical information, especially ad-hoc, unplanned queries.

Why Now?

There were two main players in the messaging arena. Since the customer complained about performance issues, there was an urgent need to resolve the issue and offer an enhanced platform in order not to lose the bank as a customer to the competitor.

Why SQream?

  • The SQream platform is available on premise and on the cloud, and will support digitization processes.
  • SQream succeeded where the other platform failed (performance; business value; and query time).
  • The ability to use GPU processing was cost efficient for the bank.
  • SQream can natively integrate with a variety of BI tools and APIs.

Fastest time to insight on any size data

Business Challenge

Banks and their branches use text messages for a range of essential purposes. SMS is useful for keeping customers in the loop, like flagging suspicious activity or maintaining compliance with two-factor authentication (PSD2 regulation). With an impressive 98-percent open rate, SMS has quickly become the go-to marketing channel. In addition, the rise in self-service as one of the main SMS generators and the need to retain each text message for 5-years due to legal reasons, have caused the bank to seek a solution that can be its single source of reference, from which it can get correct and accurate data on time, to serve their customers when needed.

Situation/Pain Business Impact

Situation – The SMS aggregation platform in place suffered from severe performance issues. The bank complained that its agents couldn’t access critical information.

Pain – The ability to use “ad-hoc” queries and retrieve real-time customer information could not be done with Oracle. At the time, the bank also used Oracle reporting and analytics, in which reports had to be carefully timed, and significant filters were placed on the history, to reduce database load. It became clear that the existing system was not built to handle the growing volumes of data. The database contained billions the of transactional alerts which were constantly sent to customers by the bank.

Business Impact – SQream helped the customer reduce query times, creating value for banking customers. The SQream platform helped the customer maintain extremely high levels of reliability and up-time, enabling deep analysis of data for decision making. The platform was selected to perform deep data analysis for the messaging operations, facilitating 40,000 queries daily and enabling highly sensitive, high-frequency reporting. The TCO was reduced by 47% from the previous unsuccessful platform and enabled 50,000 developers to work on the platform smoothly.

SQream Solution Components
  • SQream ad-hoc queries
  • SQream cross-joins
  • SQream for external table
  • SQream uploader; SQream studio
  • SQream integrations
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Architecture Considerations


Text messages, email and voice messages are transferred to the landing area from source systems.


Data is ingested, prepared and processed on SQream platform. PII information is kept encrypted in key management systems.


Data is available on the dashboard for financial institution using ad-hoc query.


John arrives at bank complaining about transaction limitations. The clerk sends a query from his BI tool and receives up-to-date information within seconds.