Big Data Telecom Solutions

SQream DB is an all-around big data solution for telecoms. Collect and analyze CDRs and IPCDRs in one smart database. Telecoms require the flexibility in querying, to enable network behavior analysis, network performance monitoring, and identifying complex customer trends and mobility. These systems are critical to modern communication systems.

Query more

Analyze both fresh and historical data (up to 7 years) to identify trends. Derive actionable insights from the state of your network

Respond quickly

Monitor your network directly through RNC logs, without adding expensive network probes. Respond to network events near real time

Sensor Fusion

Combine data from billions of sensors for IoT, and get a holistic view of all connected devices straight from the raw data

Perfect for telecoms

SQream provides telecoms with ability to ingest data from multiple data sources, delivering near real-time analytics capabilities such as Customer Mobility and Behavior, Customer Device Detection, Location Analysis, Advertising Optimization, Network Monitoring and Security Logs.

Near real-time monitoring and optimization of RNC event logs

SQream DB is a cost-effective solution for analyzing network performance, improving customer experience, and increasing network stability. Cellcom reduces dropped calls with SQream DBRNC event log analysis demo

Analyzing user behaviour
Daily grinders, where data is used, network experience, modes of transport, and more.Learn about user behaviour analytics 
Speed up CDR preparation

Reduced need for indexing and pre-aggregating speeds up cycle CDR preparation cycle by 5X-10X

  • SQream and Orange demonstrate x100 cost performance removing limits of databases.
    Pascal Déchamboux
    Director of Software & Technical Architecture, Orange Corporate IT
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    We saw a tremendously cost effective opportunity to obtain comprehensive analytic abilities we didn’t have before SQream, required to continuously improve our network service for our customers.
    RF Group Leader

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