Marketing & Ad-Tech Solutions

Marketing & Ad-Tech Solutions

Digital marketing and Ad-tech register trillions of events per hour, on billions of users. Even a small modification of retargeting can drive more revenue. With SQream DB, fast ingest and compression allow for more data to be analyzed in a shorter period of processing time enabling deeper historical analysis, for better targeting, engagement, segmentation and conversion.

Fast Ingest

SQream DB can ingest 3 TB per hour per GPU, meaning your data can be queried as it comes in.
SQream DB's always-on compression reduces I/O bottlenecks enabling fast querying of fresh and historical data.

Query more, faster

SQream DB enables ad-hoc querying of all data, as soon as it's loaded.
This shortens the model training time, and will produce a new model faster; refresh profiles more frequently for more accurate segmentation.

Compatible with your tools

Standard SQL is used to query the data using industry standard drivers like JDBC, ODBC and Python – meaning most tools like Jupyter notebooks and Spark SQL are supported.

“We are monetizing our data and algorithms much better with the massive scalability and performance of SQream DB”
CTO and Co-founder
Leading programmatic publisher

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