Background DNA strands

Genome Research

With growing challenges due to increasing data, Bioinformaticians need to store and analyze huge genomic data sets faster and with better cost performance.

Compare thousands of samples instead of a handful. Replaces the “old school” manual comparison of sequence alignments reads

SQream optimized schemas and parsers enable ingestion of SAM, BAM, VCF and FastQ formats directly into relational tables

Visualize sequence data, alignments directly from SQream DB through any SQL visualizer, like Spotfire, Tableau or Qlik

SNP Visualization with SQream DB and Spotfire

Analysis of DNA Data with SQream DB

SNP visualization (single nucleotide polymorphism) for identifying genetic markers over a large population

The actual raw data is displayed below the reference genome for easy comparison

Read coverage in a specific chromosome

Analysis of DNA Data with SQream DB

Read coverage in a specific chromosome

Understand the coverageof specific chromosomes in reads.

  • Sheba Hospital
    SQream is helping us to cut years of cancer research on large genomic datasets.
    Prof. Gideon Rechavi
    Head of Sheba Medical Center, Cancer Research Center

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