Abstract Network Technology Background

Cybersecurity and Homeland Security Solutions

Analyze IoT, logs, M2M, network, and application data in SQream DB.
Monitor, detect, and predict problems before they cause harm

Save more, Avoid cut downs

Store more data without compromise. Cutting data down is a thing of the past, with always-on compression and fast ingest

Correlate more data

Empower your CISO - correlate high volumes of data from multiple sources with SQream DB to identify anomalies and act quickly

Compatible with your tools

Standard SQL, alongside standard connectors like JDBC, ODBC and Python mean your BI tools are already supported

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Protect your assets

Big data analytics tightly integrated with the security environment provides high-speed, automated analysis of network activity for detection and prevention of threats, shortens the time-to-remediation when attacks occur, and improves compliance.

Integrate with SIEM solutions
SQream DB can integrate with existing SIEM solutions to improve performance and create major savings Learn about our integration with SIEM

Resources on SQream DB and Cybersecurity