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Get More Out of Your Hadoop Pipeline

Hadoop is a powerful and popular platform. But as data volumes grow, organizations increasingly struggle to maintain the vast infrastructure and to obtain critical business insights due to tedious data preparation, inflexibility for ad-hoc queries, and lengthy time-to-insight. SQream works alongside Hadoop to enable the lean storage of massive data, accelerated heavy queries, and ad-hoc SQL analytics.

Plug in, Start Analyzing

SQream’s Load-and-Go architecture eliminates time-consuming and insight-limiting processes like manual partitioning and distribution of data.

Faster, More Accurate Insights

With fully featured-SQL, interaction with SQream is intuitive. Achieve faster response times, interactive dashboards, and ad-hoc queries on massive data from Hadoop.

Capitalize on Your Investment

Maximize the economy of Hadoop where it shines, and leverage SQream’s robust performance for your massive workloads and complex analytics.

Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop
If you're looking to get more from Hadoop, empower your data professionals with SQream. With a fully-featured SQL engine and GPU-accelerated performance, SQream can make the most complex of query workloads easy.
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The Future of Hadoop in Your Enterprise: Strategy and Next Steps
In this webinar, we look at Hadoop's evolution in the data management landscape over the last decade and offer strategies for Hadoop to its fullest in the Era of Massive Data
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Global Financial Institution Unlocks New Insights from Hadoop Data
Learn how a leading credit card and payment services provider uses SQream for improved fraud detection and prevention.
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SQream Serves as a Speed Layer for Bid Optimizations Alongside Hadoop
Learn how a leading omnichannel publishing platform used SQream to optimize ad retargeting, accelerate reports, and launch new services and functionalities with deeper analytics capabilities.
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Liberate Your Hadoop Data Lake

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