By Raz Kaplan, 11.28.2022

Leading cellular carrier processes 3TB per hour for strategic security and customer usage insights

Picture this . . . you’re a leading mobile network operator in Asia, with over 15 million subscribers to whom you offer a broad variety of advanced services including telecommunication, residential, bundle IoT, roaming, and internet date center (IDC). You have over $15 billion worth of assets and bring in over $10 billion in revenues every year.

But, as your data stores continue to grow, you’re running into a range of challenges.You need to analyze network traffic and information transformation in your network to detect anomalies and hacking attempts. But you just can’t aggregate data fast enough. At the same time, you also need to understand and predict customers usage. But you’ve got so much data that slicing and dicing can take hours and even days.

So, you turn to SQream for our data warehouse that can rapidly aggregate and process massive amounts of data very fast. Using SQream you can reduce time to insight from days and hours to minutes and seconds. And when you leverage SQream for the training phase, you can build more accurate models faster, and better react to both threats and opportunities.

Now, you’re taking in 3 terabytes of data from millions of users every hour. You’re performing in depth customer usage and network traffic analysis with time-to-insight having been reduced from days to hours and hours to minutes. You’re detecting anomalies and hacking attempts better than ever, protecting your network like never before. And you even can understand much better what you need to do to increase revenue and efficiency, as well as to reduce churn. This is what happens when you can finally ask bigger.