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Solving The Toughest Data Challenges via GPU Acceleration

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Are you struggling with overwhelming data volumes, complex queries, or slow processing times? AI / ML projects on a budget? Meet SQream, a platform that harnesses the speed, power & efficiency of Supercomputing Resources and applies it to Data Pipelines and Machine Learning

Meet the SQream Platform

The magic of SQream lies in its use of GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) to analyze data, unlike traditional systems. This means we can run even the most advanced queries on large datasets at a fraction of the cost, in a blink of an eye. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, you can count on SQream to deliver unmatched results:


Empower Your Insights with 100x More Data Capacity


Faster than ever, even with complicated queries


Slash Your Data Analytics
Costs to Just 1/10th

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Olson Mutwiri, Senior Data Engineer

“It takes just a few seconds to query one or two years of data with SQream. That frees us to focus more on analytical processes and to be open to more innovation.”

Explore SQream's advanced architecture to enhance your data strategy

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Ray Sharma, The Fast Mode

"SQream Advances Big Data Analytics with its GPU-Enabled In-Database Model Training System"

What’s your Data, Analytics, AI or ML challenge?

Struggling with long running queries?

Unparalleled data speed – dive deep into your data without segmentation. With SQream, vast data querying is not just possible—it’s lightning fast.

Limiting your own data sets?

Cost-effective scalability – optimize your data operations with SQream GPU-driven architecture. Reduce overheads, cut costs, and scale efficiently without compromising on performance.

Waiting too long for analytics reports?

True data democratization – collaborate, query, and conquer. SQream fosters an environment where everyone has unrestricted access to the data they need.

Not utilizing your data for innovation?

Increase data productivity & innovation – free your analysts from the wait. Create new data innovative projects without the processing times.

Looking into AI / ML projects but on a budget?

Cost effective AI/ML model training – state-of-the-art machine learning offering that enables users to run in-database model training, saving you valuable time and effort.

Paying too much for data analytics infrastructure?

Cut costs without compromising on performance – by leveraging the power of GPUs, SQream can process large volumes of data efficiently, reducing the need for expensive hardware infrastructure.

SQream can help:

Adding a ‘turbo’ button to your existing data stack

A cost performance data Lakehouse

Driving Efficiency through Data Democracy

Empowering Data Teams to Accelerate Decision Intelligence

Maximizing Efficiency in Operational Systems

Data Preparation / Data Ingestion like never before

In Database Model training for efficient AI / ML

Real Life Applications


Financial Services

Gain a competitive edge in the financial industry with accelerated data processing. Perform complex risk analysis, fraud detection, and portfolio optimization in real-time.

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Retail & E-commerce

Unlock valuable insights from customer data to enhance personalized marketing, optimize supply chain operations, and maximize sales revenue. Stay ahead of competitors in the fast-paced retail industry.

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Effortlessly process vast amounts of network data for real-time analytics, customer experience management, and predictive maintenance. Stay connected with your customers through highly efficient data processing.

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Improve operational efficiency, optimize production processes, and reduce costs with advanced data analytics. Harness the power of data to drive innovation and stay competitive in the manufacturing industry.

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Advertising & Media

The sheer amount of data generated from various sources, such as social media, online interactions, and audience data, is massive. With SQream you can analyze it all & lighting fast speeds and at a fraction of the cost.

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Empower your healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve patient outcomes. Analyze large volumes of medical records, genomics data, and clinical research with ease.

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