SQream DB - GPU Powered SQL Analytics Database

SQream Technologies provides organizations with the fastest, most cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database available in the market today. With SQream organizations are able to get the answers they are looking for, fast, bringing them to an unbeatable leadership advantage over their competition.

SQream’s analytics engine performance, surpasses database analytics by orders of magnitude, and is capable of processing and analyzing high volumes of data, while delivering a high cost/performance ratio.  SQream DB is a GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit), columnar SQL database employing aggressive compression procedures resulting in major savings in storage, and blazing speed of query execution.

With SQream the power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a single standard server, delivering the most cost-effective performance for Big Data. SQream DB is a no-hassle solution: no data modeling is needed, no new DBA is required, and no new skills need to be acquired. Third party ETL and BI tools may be connected via standard ODBC/JDBC connections.



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DOWNLOAD Telecom Case Study

“Utilizing the SQream DB has allowed Orange Silicon Valley to benchmark in its labs the querying of larger data sets consisting of 18 billion call detail records (CDRs) against a range of other approaches using many servers or CPUs. In these tests, we found that it allowed such procedures in a shorter amount of time, with much less hardware, and therefore at a lower cost.”

Pascal Déchamboux

Director of Software & Technical Architecture, Orange Corporate IT