Big Data Analytics Database

Up to 100 Times Faster Analytics

100TB on a Standard Server

Multi-Petabyte Scalability

Experience Unparalleled Performance and Simplicity Analyzing Your Big Data

SQream Technologies provides the #1 performing big data analytics database in terms of SPEED, SCALE, SIZE and SIMPLICITY - turning it into the most cost-effective database available on the market. SQream’s powerful SQL software platform helps data scientists, DBAs, researchers and marketers easily master the art and science of data mining, and rapidly grow revenues.

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Break Through Speed, Scale and Size Barriers



Get up to X100 faster results compared with any other solution


Scale up to multi petabytes, without collapsing


Invest in a cost-effective standard  2U server, no more full-racks!






Implement X10 faster – no indexes, no cubes, just raw data (ODBC, JDBC)


Enjoy SQL – plain English – no new DBA skills required


Save in hardware costs, energy and resources (90% less)


Best of Breed Features Enhanced with New Big Data Technology

SQream’s technology boosts analytics performance through massive parallel computing, using a patent-pending GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) technology. This revolutionary technology in the Big Data field boosts analytics performance by up to 100 times, allowing organizations to work with more data than ever before, with much needed simplicity in terms of implementation (no indexes/data modelling is needed, no new DBA skills are required) and usage (SQL, plain English).

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High-Speed Analytics in a Standard Server

SQream provides organizations with real-time, comprehensive, actionable insights from enormous data sets through a standard server – saving energy and datacenter floor space, while lowering the TCO.  With SQream, customers of all sizes and needs are able to find the best solution for their unique functional and financial requirements – while powering an entire data center from a box.


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Data Science - Explore More Data to Enhance the Accuracy of Your Predictions

Accelerate research by years

Bring clarity to Cyber threats

Detect fraudulent online activity

Control quickly growing data

Main Industries

SQream help enterprises of all sizes to tackle the world’s toughest big data challenges, with a special focus on the following industries:

SQream In The News


“SQream Scores $7.4 Million to Analyze Big Data Faster.
Blumberg Capital led the Series B funding round with Blumberg Partner Alon Lifshitz joining SQream’s board.”

“Very little hardware is required with SQream’s advanced software, making the SQream database a great solution also for smaller healthcare providers who have limited space and are unable to accommodate a room full of servers. Less hardware also means lower costs.”


“An efficient set of tools in one solution for storing and analyzing more data at speeds never before available.”



This insanely fast big data startup uses only one server – and just got $7.4M in funding. SQream uses a single server with just one GPU accelerator – if you don’t know why that’s impressive, you soon will.”


“A Shoebox-Size Data Warehouse Powered by GPUs… The core intellectual property in SQream lies in how the developers leverage the GPUs… Because SQream can bring so many cores to bear on the problem, it doesn’t pay the performance price when massive compression is used.”


“GenomeStack enables the first-ever querying of a large number of samples simultaneously….That is quite a notable achievement over traditional processes.”

Startup City

SQream Technologies ranked among the 20 Best Startups in Big Data – ““When the news comes out, whether it’s a few months or a few years from now, that SQream became the next Israeli exit, don’t be surprised”.”


“An inexpensive, small-footprint solution like SQream’s can lower the barrier to entry and get companies started on the path of big data analytics. They can do the same project with a 1u or 2u server, starting immediately, with no hassle.”



“SQream will knock your socks off…I see great startups doing things I never imagined people would do, like database acceleration. SQream, is extremely interesting…”