Big Data Analytics Database

Up to 100 Times Faster Analytics

100TB on a Standard Server

Multiple Petabyte Scalability

Filling the Gaps in Big Data from a Single Point of Knowledge

SQream Technologies delivers the World’s most rapid and scalable big data analytics SQL database available on the market. Using a revolutionary technology – SQream enables organizations to easily correlate all their high velocity data, analyze it and figure out the riddles that have been puzzling them thus far. With SQream, the unattainable becomes attainable.

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SQream Technologies Knocks Out the Competition



Up to X100 faster results



Linear, up to multi petabytes, as opposed to 300 terabytes


Quick implementation

Plug&play no-hassle X10 faster, as opposed to long, complicated implementations


Ease of use

Simple SQL, 90% less resources for powerful insights from high-volume, high-velocity data



Standard  server, as opposed to a full-rack



Correlated, actionable insights to time-critical knowledge


Cost effectiveness

Saves hardware, energy and resources costs

Best of Breed Features Enhanced with New Big Data Technology

SQream Technologies introduces the first patent-pending innovative technology that boosts analytics performance through massive parallel computing, using a GPU-based technology (Graphic Processing Unit). This revolutionary technology in the Big Data field delivers up to 100 times faster big data analytics than any other key market player, with scalability capabilities surpassing existing database analytics by orders of magnitude – giving organizations a serious technology boost and releasing them from their up-until-now technological limitations that were holding them back trying to attain real-time critical insights.

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High-Speed Analytics in a Standard Server

SQream provides organizations with real-time, comprehensive, actionable insights from enormous data sets through a standard server – saving energy and datacenter floor space, while lowering the TCO.  With SQream, customers of all sizes and needs are able to find the best solution for their unique functional and financial requirements – while powering an entire data center from a box.


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Opening Doors to New Galaxies of Knowledge

Accelerating research by years

Bringing clarity to Cyber threats

Detecting fraudulent online activity

Controlling quickly growing data

Main Industries

SQream Technologies help enterprises of all sizes to tackle the world’s toughest big data challenges, with a special focus on the following industries: