GenomeStack - On premise SQL Database

GenomeStack, an on-premise solution, is a big data analytics SQL database platform developed specifically for the Genome Research industry. GenomeStack empowers bioinformatics researchers, data scientists and analysts in the genome industry to rapidly extract time-critical knowledge that has been unattainable speed- and scale-wise thus far, enabling them to get to the answers they are looking for – way ahead of expected timelines. GenomeStack is an effective platform for quickly discovering patterns and other insights necessary for making accurate predictions and reaching intelligent decisions – working directly from one single point of knowledge, gathered by a blazingly rapid, large-capacity, petabyte scalable and cost-effective big data analytics SQL database solution.

With GenomeStack, research may be advanced by leaps and bounds, significantly accelerating treatment development timetables. GenomeStack replaces the “old school” manual process of comparing a few select samples one by one on multitudes of sequence alignments reads. This is made possible by SQream’s unique code, optimized to run on GPUs.

With GenomeStack genome researchers are now able to enjoy the strengths of a high-speed GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) columnar database, exhibiting enormous scalability capabilities. The database is leveraged by a high-capacity NAS dataset management storage system, with transparent CDR-specific compression capabilities.

As the digital revolution gains pace, and genome research institutions need access to a rapidly-scaling flood of big data constantly generated from multiple sources – a single sequencing run can produce about one terabyte of data – genome researchers are faced with a growing challenge related to the storage and the attainment of their required data, in order to reach real-time, powerful and actionable insights.

GenomeStack offers bioinformatics researchers a new set of tools in one single solution, for storing and analyzing more data, faster, and at a significantly better cost performance.

SQream offers GenomeStack as an on-premise solution or as a cloud service to its customers. Researchers are able to pre-upload other databases they are using to ZBDB, SQream’s cloud service platform, map sequence data to the reference genome, compare it to other databases with a click of a button, analyze all the data, and interpret the results – while doing all of this work in the cloud. The GPU-based ZBDB enables to store and analyze the data expeditiously, regardless of size.

Rather than buying, maintaining, and protecting their own servers, researchers are now able to focus on what matters the most: progressing science.

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