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SQL on GPU. It’s 2X Faster than your Data Warehouse

Do you have data preparation processes or workloads that are taking too long and cost too much?

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GPU SQL acceleration on public clouds


GPU processing engine

SQream performance leans on patented GPU-acceleration, synchronizing all available resources (CPU, GPU, RAM) and using the brute force of the GPU for the most complex analytical tasks. Blue uses the GPU to achieve parallel data processing. By splitting large tasks into smaller processes, SQream distributes operations between multiple GPU cores, while allowing admins to balance parallelism and concurrency according to their business needs



SQream Blue doesn’t require ingestion or data movement and relies on direct access to data in open-standard formats. Through the entire data preparation cycle, all data remains at the customer’s low-cost cloud storage, maintaining privacy and ownership at best, while preserving a single source of truth and eliminating the need for data duplication.



SQream Blue easily integrates with common open-source workflow management and orchestration tools (Apache Airflow, Dagster, Prefect), along with support for industry-standard ODBC, JDBC, and Python connectors. Moreover, Blue’s cluster management has a REST API


Columnar Optimization

SQream Blue’s processing engine utilizes Apache Parquet’s column-oriented structure and metadata by saving unnecessary data read

GPU data analytics. 100% faster.

SQream Blue is a SQL data lakehouse that empowers organizations to transform and query complex, multi-terabyte scale datasets to gain deeper, time-sensitive insights at 1/2 the cost and 2X the speed of cloud warehouse and query engine solutions.