By noasa, 5.16.2024

SQream Blue: The SaaS Solution for Petabytes of Data

In this video, Yaniv Levin, the VP of Market Strategy at SQream, discusses the company’s evolution and focus on efficient GPU processing for analytics. Historically, SQream’s technology was used for on-premise solutions to process massive data sets efficiently.

However, with the rise of cloud data processing, SQream decided to migrate its core IP to enable cloud processing capabilities.

The result?

  • SQream Blue, a data lake house for massive data migration. It leverages SQream’s efficient GPU utilization capabilities and offers a SaaS interface for cloud-based analytics.
  • SQream Blue is ideal for organizations dealing with multi-terabytes of data and facing challenges with slow or costly data workflows.
  • SQream Blue can integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, offering faster processing at a lower cost.