SQream Announces New Agreement with LG Uplus to Boost Mobile Carrier’s Network Monitoring and Quality of Service

By Arnon Shimoni

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Combination of IBM POWER9, IBM Storage, and NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs improve capacity for faster queries of massive data and greater efficiency

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES — (March 5, 2019) – SQream, developer of SQream DB, the GPU-accelerated data warehouse designed for rapidly analyzing massive data stores at a fraction of the cost, today announced a new agreement with LG Uplus, the mobile carrier owned by LG Corporation. The partnership is expected to improve LG Uplus’ network operations and efficiencies, reduce costs and downtime, and offer better quality of service to customers.
Critical to the collaboration is the use of the IBM POWER9-based IBM Power Systems AC922 server with NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs and IBM FlashSystem 9100 storage to grow LG Uplus’ capacity to perform faster queries of massive amounts of data previously unavailable with its current infrastructure. LG Uplus becomes SQream’s first customer in South Korea as the company grows its worldwide market share within the telecom industry.
“We are very excited to bring value to a global company as distinguished as LG,” said SQream VP Sales APAC and Africa Ilan Ackerman. “We look forward to furthering our collaboration with IBM as we integrate our technology with their hardware to speed up analytics, perform complex queries that were previously infeasible, and leverage the full scope of customers’ data.”
“By working together with SQream, we are able to provide LG Uplus with a high performance GPU data warehouse with IBM POWER9 and IBM Storage,” said IBM Cognitive Systems VP of AI and HPC, Sumit Gupta. “This combination of technologies is planned to allow LG Uplus to integrate with Hadoop and interface with base station probes for log analysis for analysis of the company’s very large data stores.”
LG Uplus chose SQream following a successful proof of concept that demonstrated the data warehouse could rapidly process large amounts of data while meeting key performance indicators. As enterprises continue to run into challenges with growing data stores, SQream’s solution in tandem with advanced technology from IBM and NVIDIA has been able to increase performance and efficiencies for mobile operator networks.
The IBM POWER9-based IBM Power Systems AC922 server features up to 5.6x more I/O bandwidth for today’s data-intensive workloads compared to PCIe Gen3 found in x86 servers by pairing IBM POWER9 CPUs with NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs with NVLink interconnect technology i. It is the only server capable of delivering this I/O performance between CPUs and GPUs to provide massive throughput capability for high performance computing. IBM FlashSystem 9100 features the performance of flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology to accelerate business execution.

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i 5.6x I/O bandwidth claim based on CUDA H2D Bandwidth Test conducted on an Intel® Xeon® E5-2640v4 with NVIDIA® Tesla P100, compared to IBM® POWER9 with NVIDIA® Tesla V100 (12 GB/s vs 68 GB/s rated)