Asking Bigger in Manufacturing

Mass production of semiconductors, chips, monitors, and other sensitive devices is being tracked today by hundreds and thousands of PLC logs and IoT sensors that are collecting big data for manufacturing directly from the production floor. These sensors are generating massive amounts of data which is being used for FDC (Fault Detection and Classification) and creating models to predict production errors before they occur. Data engineers can choose if they want to work on a small percentage of the data or run queries on the entire dataset, making their model more accurate which leads to increasing yield.

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Fault Detection & Classification at Scale

Dramatic Cost-Savings

$12M yearly saving from more efficient data collection, loading, and reporting

Substantially Faster Insights

88%-99% reduction in loading and reporting time

Exponentially Growth of Business

Yield increase from below 50% to 90%

Easily integrate with you exiting data stack

Leading operators from all around the world rely on SQreamDB

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