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At SQream, we are on a mission to provide organizations with a path to freedom from the challenges of MASSIVE data stores. We are looking for leaders to join our team – people who dare to question the current reality of massive data limitations and are pushing toward a future of transformation, who embody our values of innovation and resourcefulness and realize that for change to occur, we are the ones who need to lead the way and make it happen.

Step up to the Challenge

Being a SQreamer means you never quit – you love challenges and meet them head-on. Building a database from scratch is hard. It requires tenacity and drive. If you get a spark from walking the road no one walked before, if researching and establishing new domains excites you – then maybe you belong with us. Don’t watch from the sidelines – join us.

One Team of Diverse Thinkers

Every revolution began as a spark in someone’s mind. At SQream, we value every idea, yet at the same time, we are not afraid of challenging our teammates with different opinions or approaches. Each one of us has the ability to make an impact on the product, the business, and life at SQream. We care deeply about what we do, and dare to ask the hardest questions. Because every question can be the spark for change.

Be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Being extremely talented is important as a starting point, but being a decent human being is what will keep you with us for a meaningful chapter in your career. If you are one of us, don’t hold back. Be bold, be direct and take action to make sure your are not missing out on the opportunity to make a greater impact.

We Are:

We do what’s never been done before. We dare to go down the road no one has traveled, we ask questions and meet challenges head-on.
Straight Shooters
We say what we mean and mean what we say: to each other, to our customers and to partners.
Our best work comes from teamwork. We’re a creative mix of people who can do great things when we put our heads together.
Every SQreamer is first and foremost a human being. We’re in it together, we put the customer first, and we’ve always got each other’s backs.
Every individual on our team is our collective strength. We encourage everyone to explore new ideas because anyone can come up with the next big thing.

Behind the Scenes

Join the Team

Word on the Street….

Even when I come to work, I still feel at home.

Daniel Gutman

Our work at SQream is at the spearhead of the tech industry. Persistence, together with out-of-the-box thinking, are our major motivating factors. People at SQream are always there to help and as a team we do impossible things.

Tzah Mama

Besides the revolutionary technology and the great product, I love the drive and motivation of the people who work here. There's no place for laziness. Each one of us is a leader!

Slavi Khodorkovsky

Working here is fun, I always get help when I need it and everyone is always kind.

Guy Ziv

I appreciate the special, really unique people we get to work with.

Sigal Wolfinzon

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