SQream DB and Tableau – Making Big Data Exploration Accessible

By Arnon Shimoni

2.7.2017 twitter linkedin facebook

Today’s organizations are data-driven. Decisions aren’t made without being backed up by analytics, identifying historical trends and insights derived from years of data. Simply put, business decisions require evidence, to avoid making costly mistakes.

However, with today’s ecosystem, many organizations use several different solutions to derive this evidence. Some might distribute, resulting in a difficult to manage cluster of CPU-bound servers, and with prices in the multi millions of dollars.

Making Big Data Exploration Accessible

SQream DB is an analytic database built from scratch specifically to harness the unique performance of graphical processors (GPUs) for handling hundreds of terabytes of data. A SQream DB installation is capable of processing enormous data sets with up to 100 times better cost-performance than any other leading data warehouse solution available today.

SQream DB enables high velocity querying of large analytical workloads on a single database installation powered by one or more NVIDIA Tesla cards, deployed either locally or in the cloud.

Not bound by traditional CPU technology, a GPU database, SQream DB has easy-to-use SQL interface, extreme scalability up to hundreds of terabytes, automatic maintenance and straight forward integration with existing tools through standardized connectors like ODBC.

It is no secret that most of our customers use and love Tableau. In fact, when we’re approached to implement our solution, it’s the most common question – “Does SQream DB support Tableau?” (of course it does!).
Tableau is mature, feature-rich, and makes it incredibly easy to build interactive dashboards. Pretty much any user, with any level of experience can create actionable, reactive dashboards with varying levels of granularity. That’s why it’s also SQream’s go-to tool for visualizing our product.

SQream DB and Tableau – Better decisions, faster

Our customers want speed. They don’t want to waste long minutes waiting for answers. They want their dashboards to respond to questions quickly, and they want it on live data.

This is one of SQream DB’s greatest benefits. Unlike other databases, SQream DB can answer Tableau’s questions in Live mode, without creating pre-aggregated tables, normalizing the database, distributing tables carefully, projections, materialized views, temporary tables, etc. These are unnecessary, with SQream DB’s clever algorithms and patented GPU technology.


By combining SQream DB and Tableau, BI users can now query many terabytes of live data in seconds, instead of long minutes or even hours. Slow dashboards are slowing down your business. More questions answered per hour mean more insights for making better decisions, without slowing you down.