From Big Data
to Massive
Data Analytics

Your complex SQL queries are running longer than ever, and often never end. You are limited on the dimensions you can query. SQream slashes ingest and query times on up to one hundred times more data, on-premise, on the cloud, or at the edge.


Against Long Running Queries

You can shorten your query time from days to hours or hours to minutes. SQream's data acceleration platform executes your most complex queries fast.

Rise Up

Against Data Prep that takes

Data preparation shouldn't last eons. With SQream, data scientists can analyse their raw data directly, cutting out the typical steps of arduous data preparation.


Hybrid Data Analytics for Critical Insights

Whether on-premise or on the cloud, don't settle for analyzing only a small percentage of your data. Demand hybrid data analytics for critical insights that can propel your business.

The legacy systems in use by organizations today may have been able to handle the beginnings of Big Data, but Massive Data has left them far behind.

Queries of 30 TB bog down data processing operations, and at 100 TB, most organizations are left with no choice but to expand their systems, which is costly, or to cut down on data, losing out on potentially valuable insights.

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