SQream Launches Big Data Analytics Database Tailored for Genome Researchers

By SQream

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Company expands solution portfolio with GenomeStack that introduces previously unseen levels of scalability and speed that helps lead to new finds up to 100 times faster


BOSTON – Bio-IT World Conference & Expo – April 21, 2015 SQream Technologies, provider of the world’s fastest big data analytics database, today announced the release of GenomeStack™, its latest innovative platform developed specifically for genome research.

The release of GenomeStack follows last year’s general availability of SQream DB, the company’s flagship solution that introduced a high-speed GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) columnar SQL database to uniquely address the speed, scalability and efficiency hurdles that face big data analytics.

Replaces Manual Process and Allows First-Ever Simultaneous Sample Querying

SQream’s GenomeStack can revolutionize how bioinformatics researchers, data scientists and analysts conduct research. It replaces the traditional file-based, highly time-consuming manual process for storing and analyzing genome sequenced data.

Using GenomeStack, post-aligned sequencing data from multiple samples is stored in an ultra-fast and highly scalable SQL database, enabling the first-ever querying of a large number of samples simultaneously. Thus, an analysis of 50 BAM files with 30 Billion rows of aligned sequencing data, can be analyzed in under a minute, while providing a detailed drill-down from all participating samples to the single read level in order to review the nucleotides distribution on a specific chromosome position.

Simple Upload and Management Capabilities

Researchers simply upload their sample data into the GenomeStack database, together with data originating from an unlimited number of other databases such as 1,000 Genome, dbSNP, or UCSC. GenomeStack then delivers accurate, correlated, annotated, real-time results. The results may always be transformed back into BAM file format or be downloaded into CSV or txt format for further manipulation by other programs if and when required.

“SQream’s launch of GenomeStack is the result of our dedicated team of technology professionals who utilized SQream’s core technology and applied it to the specific data analytics challenges within the human genome community,” said Ami Gal, CEO at SQream Technologies. “SQream’s ability to combine super-fast GPU technology with simultaneously querying of genomic samples is a true first. Enabling science to further harness the power of big data technology, GenomeStack provides researchers an efficient set of tools in one solution for storing and analyzing more data at speeds never before available. Anything that can be done to help progress genome research is one step closer to better treatments and improved lives.”

SQream will offer GenomeStack demonstrations today through April 23 in booth #161 at the 2015 Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston.

For more information on the Bio-IT World event, visit www.bio-itworldexpo.com.

For more information on GenomeStack, visit https://sqream.com/solutions/products/genomestack/ .

About SQream Technologies

SQream Technologies provides organizations with the fastest and most scalable big data analytics SQL database. Through patent-pending GPU-based technology and parallel computing that boosts analytics performance by up to 100 times, SQream aims to usher in a new era of big data analytics. Founded in 2010, SQream is privately held and headquartered in Israel. Visit www.sqream.com.

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