By Raz Kaplan, 11.28.2022

Top carrier acts fast with near real-time dashboard to improve customer satisfaction

Picture this … you’re the largest telecommunications carrier in your
Southeast Asian country. You bring 3G, 4G, and 5G services to over 170 million active subscribers. Your service covers some serious ground – and water – reaching customers across the Indian and Pacific Ocean islands.

But, network service quality is falling behind in some areas, and the data that
would help you improve it is stuck in different systems. So, by the time you pull together all the data you need, it’s already out of date. Without a real-time picture,
there’s not much you can do to improve your customers’ experience before they leave

So, you turn to SQream. We join the data from all your different sources and feed
it into an interactive dashboard designed by a local system integrator. With all your
network quality data in one place, it’s easy to spot trends and issues. And you never
have to worry about making decisions on out-of-date data, since we bring it into the
dashboard as close to real time as possible.

Now, you’ve improved customer satisfaction and your support resolution
time. With a near real-time view of service quality, you’re no longer just reacting to
issues. You’ve started using the insights you’ve gathered to drive service improvement
programs and gain back lost market share. That’s what happens when you can finally
ask bigger