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There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Data

Analyze ALL your data at lightning speed, at a fraction of the cost

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Turn your DATA challenges into opportunities

Are you struggling with overwhelming data volumes, complex queries, and slow processing times? Meet SQream, a platform designed to handle the intricacies and scale of cumbersome datasets, turning them into strategic advantages. With SQream’s GPU acceleration, you'll gain easy access to insights from data, tackle complex queries with simplicity, experience unparralleled processing speed, all at a fraction of the cost.


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Real Results

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Empower Your Insights with 100x More Data Capacity

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Faster than ever, even with complicated queries

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Slash Your Data Analytics
Costs to Just 1/10th

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

Unparalleled Data Speed

Dive deep into your data without segmentation. With SQream, vast data querying is not just possible—it's lightning fast.

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

Cost-Effective Scalability

Optimize your data operations with SQream's GPU-driven architecture. Reduce overheads, cut costs, and scale efficiently without compromising on performance.

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

True Data Democratization

Collaborate, query, and conquer. SQream fosters an environment where everyone has unrestricted access to the data they need.

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

Increased Productivity

Free your analysts from the wait. Focus on extracting value from your data, not on processing times.

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

Better Together

Effortlessly integrate with your current data operation.

Become a Data Analytics Powerhouse

Cut Costs without compromising on performance

By leveraging the power of GPUs, SQream can process large volumes of data efficiently, reducing the need for expensive hardware infrastructure.


The Future of Data Analytics

In today's data-driven world, the sheer volume of information being generated is staggering. With data growing by over 50% annually, and CPU power increasing by a mere 20%, the limitations of traditional data processing methods are becoming glaringly evident. CPUs, once the stalwarts of computation, are now overwhelmed, leading to slower reporting, prolonged query times, and stifled innovation.

Enter GPUs: originally designed for graphics, their parallel processing capabilities are now revolutionizing data analytics. Not only do they power the cutting-edge GenAI, but they're also reshaping traditional analytics, offering a solution that's both robust and future-ready. As we navigate this era of exponential data growth, GPUs stand out as the beacon for the next phase of data analytics.

Real Life Applications


Financial Services

Gain a competitive edge in the financial industry with accelerated data processing. Perform complex risk analysis, fraud detection, and portfolio optimization in real-time.



Empower your healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve patient outcomes. Analyze large volumes of medical records, genomic data, and clinical research with ease.


Retail & E-commerce

Unlock valuable insights from customer data to enhance personalized marketing, optimize supply chain operations, and maximize sales revenue. Stay ahead of competitors in the fast-paced retail industry.



Effortlessly process vast amounts of network data for real-time analytics, customer experience management, and predictive maintenance. Stay connected with your customers through highly efficient data processing.



Improve operational efficiency, optimize production processes, and reduce costs with advanced data analytics. Harness the power of data to drive innovation and stay competitive in the manufacturing industry.


Advertising & Media

The sheer amount of data generated from various sources, such as social media, online interactions, and audience data, is massive. With SQream, you can analyze it all at lightning-fast speeds and at a fraction of the cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thanks to its data ingestion and ELT capabilities, SQream has multiple options for reducing time to insight. I recommend that organizations with large-scale analytics requirements should consider SQream in their evaluations of potential analytic data platform vendors"

Matt Aslet,

Ventana Research

"I have never seen such a solution, very fast queries and very good compression"

Head of Analytics,

Big National Bank

"Through SQream, we are doing things that we were incapable of doing before"

Senior Director for IT Strategy,

Electronics manufacturer, Fortune 500

"SQream’s ability to process massive datasets has allowed us to improve our query response time"

Head of engineering,

Large Telco Company

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