2018 Big Data Excellence Awards – We Won!

By Sarah Hakim

5.17.2018 twitter linkedin facebook

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve won one of the prestigious Big Data Excellence Awards, which celebrate the top performers working at the forefront of data, analytics, the Internet of Things and Big Data. This year, we are honored to have received the Outstanding Big Data Industry Project Award for SQream DB’s impactful role in cancer research.
SQream DB was implemented at Sheba Medical Center to accelerate the analysis of genome data. Thanks to the database’s powerful GPU-based technology and unique architecture, up to 1 PB of human genome sequences were analyzed significantly faster than with previous methods.
Genome Use-case Infographics
According to Professor Gideon Rechavi, Head of Sheba Medical’s Cancer Research Center, “SQream is helping to cut years of cancer research on large genomic datasets.”
While we’re proud of the strides SQream makes in telecom, finance, retail and other industries, the impact on healthcare is particularly rewarding.
Even more than we are honored to win this award, we’re excited about what it represents. In our view, this award showcases the importance of innovative and progressive technologies that facilitate the analysis of today’s massive data stores, and it signals the coming of age for GPU databases like SQream DB.
If you’d like to learn more about how SQream DB can accelerate your data analytics, download our SQream DB Architecture White Paper or view our on-demand webinar Are Your SQL Queries Taking Way Too Long?