SQream Technologies Releases SQream DB Version 1.17

By Arnon Shimoni

8.18.2017 twitter linkedin facebook

Today, we are proud to release SQream DB version 1.17.

With customers using SQream DB all over the world for a variety of big data tasks, SQream DB Version 1.17 includes new features and improvements with a major focus on multi-node installations. As with all SQream DB releases, this version is faster, more stable, and generally better.
We will be deploying the new version of SQream DB to our partners, cloud customers, and on-premise customers over the next few weeks.

SQream DB Version 1.17

SQream Technologies has created SQream DB – a GPU database for analyzing enormous data-sets. With SQream DB, anyone can ingest, compress, store and analyze large data-sets in near real-time.
SQream DB fills the gap between in-memory solutions and powerful MPP databases, with the innovative use of powerful GPUs. By using SQream DB, an organization can extract actionable intelligence from the white noise. SQream customers gain actionable insights to generate business value through optimization and identification of additional revenue opportunities.

About SQream Technologies

SQream Technologies delivers the most flexible database for huge data-set analytics. Global enterprises use SQream Technologies’ SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before. SQream DB delivers business intelligence acceleration for smart, informed, near real-time time decision making based on large data sets.

For more information, visit the SQream Technologies website at sqream.com.

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