SQream Technologies Launches Beta of GPU Database SQream DB on AWS Cloud

By Arnon Shimoni

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Company Releases Closed Beta of SQream DB Analytical Database on an additional cloud platform

NEW YORK, October 4, 2017 –
SQream Technologies, provider of the superfast, next generation GPU database for Big Data SQL analytical workloads, today announced the release of a closed beta of its much-anticipated SQream DB on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
So far, SQream DB has been available on the IBM Bluemix Cloud and as an on-premise solution.
SQream DB is a powerful SQL analytical database, harnessing the power of thousands of parallel processing cores in NVIDIA GPUs (Graphic Processing Units). The multi-GPU solution allows users to easily ingest, store and analyze tens to hundreds of terabytes of data. The result is power and flexibility when exploring and analyzing big data.

“SQream DB is ridiculously easy to deploy in almost any IT environment with minimum human intervention and extremely low maintenance required. The astonishing results we are seeing from the super-compute powers of the GPU when combined with SQream’s algorithms is what keeps us going developing a new kind of database allowing our customers to perform even unthought-of levels of intense data analysis”, said Razi Shoshani, Co-Founder and VP R&D at SQream Technologies.

SQream’s GPU database has proven results in reducing time-to-market for reports, BI, dashboards, data science and AI workloads. The use of always-on compression and ‘smart metadata tagging’ reduces I/O bottlenecks and reduces disk footprint. SQream DB can easily handle large datasets growing up to petabytes, with easy scaling of storage. This enables ad-hoc querying, flexibility in querying and fast response times to business needs. Because SQream DB now also runs on AWS, companies can analyze large datasets without investing in expensive infrastructure.

“SQream’s GPU database for big data SQL on AWS is specifically designed for organizations and data experts seeking to monetize extremely large datasets effortlessly and superfast in a cost-effective manner,” said Ami Gal, Co-Founder and CEO at SQream Technologies.
“We are extremely proud to have accomplished what many warned us to be impossible, delivering an actual solution for a growing problem across industries. SQream DB was designed for new businesses and evolving businesses that are dealing with completely new sizes of datasets and scaling, delivering unbeatable simplicity and cost-performance when addressing such scale. The love and positive feedback we are getting from our customers is the validation and driving force behind our continuous effort and determination to transform the way businesses are dealing with their digital goldmines and to introduce a new generation of super powered GPU databases to the market. With SQream DB also soon to be publicly available on AWS, SQream is achieving yet another milestone – to deliver even more flexibility to our customers by allowing them to select their preferred environment for managing their data – on premise, via one of the clouds and in particular cases, a combination of both”, said Gal.

Initiation requests for the closed beta can be found on https://sqream.com/product/sqream-db-aws/.
Requests for participation in the closed beta will be closely examined by the SQream team and the selected participants will be contacted shortly after with the next steps.
About SQream Technologies
SQream Technologies delivers the most flexible database for big data analytics. Global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before. SQream DB delivers business intelligence acceleration for smart, informed, near real-time time decision making based on large data sets, in the age of immense amounts of data.
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