SQream Teams with Axellio to Offer Edge Computing Access and Analysis of Massive Data with Ultra-Fast Storage

By Arnon Shimoni

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Combined technologies can ingest and analyze petabytes of raw data run queries up to 2.5 times faster than other flash-based hardware solutions

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — (Mar 26, 2018) – SQream, developer of a GPU database that consistently provides fast access and analysis of extremely large and growing data stores at a fraction of the cost, today announced its first technological collaboration with X-IO Technologies, an innovation leader in enterprise data storage and advanced computing systems. The collaboration brings a complete GPU-based edge computing solution, with database and storage together in one converged appliance for extremely rapid data analytics of massive datasets.
SQream and XIO will host a special briefing entitled, “Benchmark review: Delivering the fastest data analytics available on massive data stores.” The briefing will be held on the 10th of April, 2018 at 11am ET. Please register for the online briefing here.
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To learn more about SQream and Axellio download the free solution brief here.
The dynamic combination of technologies gives businesses new access to insights from their data that are simply infeasible with current MPP and cloud computing approaches. Enterprises can use SQream DB with business intelligence tools like Tableau to make informed decisions about critical business aspects. Business users can ask more questions about more data, without limiting scope, cutting down, aggregating or forcing DBAs to remodel the database. This allows users to expand their query windows from weeks to years to find trends, query trillions of rows of data and get results faster.
SQream DB and the X-IO Axellio Edge Micro-Datacenter platform were integrated and benchmarks performed on hundreds of terabytes, resulting in very fast analysis and short query times. When testing with just a single node of the 2-node Axellio solution on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, results included:

  • Significant resource savings in terms of hardware, man-hour costs, and data center space, using the converged solution
  • SQream and Axellio SQL analytics benchmark reaching 11.5 TB per hour
  • Ingesting and analyzing up to 1PB, queries ran up to 2.5 times faster than other flash-based hardware solutions
  • Data rates were consistent at 3.2GB/s per GPU, which is more than double the peak performance measured with other solutions

“The combination of SQream DB and Axellio represents a leap forward in offering enterprises more resources to better and more quickly understand their business and give them an edge over the competition,” said SQream CEO Ami Gal. “Together, organizations are able to analyze even larger data stores, gaining new insights faster, at much lower cost and in a green solution that requires less hardware and energy resources to maintain the systems.”
“With its flexible PCIe/FabricXpress™ architecture, unequalled I/O capabilities, and NVIDIA GPU support, the Axellio Edge Micro-Datacenter platform provides the best, integrated compute and storage platform in a single 2U package,” stated Bill Miller, X-IO Technologies CEO. “Axellio’s affordability and simplicity bring new levels of performance to SQream solutions.”
With a compact 2U form factor, the Axellio edge platform can be easily deployed and running in a fraction of the time and effort traditionally required while offering plenty of headroom to handle current quantities and grow with data needs. The platform is designed for extreme data processing requirements, where the speed of the answer is the key for generating value and insight. By introducing NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, a single Axellio system processes data at teraflop speeds and gigabytes per second.
About SQream Technologies
SQream Technologies develops and markets SQream DB, a GPU database designed to enable unparalleled business intelligence from massive data stores. Global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before, while achieving improved performance, reduced footprint, significant cost savings and the ability to scale the amount of data they analyze to hundreds of terabytes and more. SQream DB is available both on premise and on the cloud. To learn more, visit sqream.com or follow us on twitter @sqreamtech.
About X-IO Technologies
X-IO Technologies develops and markets both Axellio Edge Computing Platforms and ISE – Intelligent Storage Elements. X-IO Technologies is an emerging leader in edge computing technologies for real-time analytics on high-volume and high-velocity data while simultaneously maintaining a 10-year pedigree of high reliability and performant data storage. X-IO’s Axellio edge processing performance enables the leading application solution providers and OEMs in cybersecurity, financial markets, defense and intelligence, healthcare, telecom and industrial IoT, while its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) storage platform offers the industry’s highest levels of performance, ease of use, functionality and reliability, all at the lowest cost. To learn more, visit x-io.com, follow us on Twitter @xioedge and LinkedIn.
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