SQream Shows Rapid Growth as Big Data OEM Data Warehouse for Software Solutions Vendors

By Ami Gal

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SQream DB drives significantly better insights, predictions, and value to solution vendor customers overcoming the constraining limitations of exponentially growing data stores

NEW YORK, NY, October 23, 2019SQream announced today the accelerated growth of SQream DB as an OEM data warehouse for software solution vendors challenged with continuously growing data stores. The growth comes primarily from the finance, telco, cybersecurity, retail and e-commerce industries. By delivering an advanced embedded analytics data warehouse, SQream DB enables solution vendors to provide their customers with critical insights faster, while ensuring performance levels at scale.
Solution vendors are often challenged with handling rapidly growing data stores in their existing and next-generation solutions, resulting in greatly reduced performance, and the inability to capitalize on the critical insights needed to power their applications. In many cases, sophisticated algorithms simply cannot deliver results, including the data required to drive AI-based models and algorithms. These challenges prevent the solution from operating as designed, and hinder the expansion of functionality.
SQream DB alleviates these challenges by enabling the management and rapid analysis of the solution’s growing data stores at scale. SQream DB enables software vendors to increase the performance of their solutions even as data volumes grow. Specifically designed for handling very large analytic workloads, SQream DB’s powerful performance and advanced analytics allow solution vendors to turn data into a competitive differentiator. With the ability to analyze large data stores, ad-hoc to any level of granularity, SQream DB helps deliver competitive functionality that other solutions cannot achieve.
“We work closely with solution vendors around the world helping them to overcome data challenges that are preventing them from providing their customers with the insights and value needed to drive their business,” said Ami Gal, CEO and Co-founder at SQream. “SQream DB helps solution vendors achieve the maximum performance, scale and functionality needed to compete and grow.”

About SQream

SQream develops and markets SQream DB, a software-defined GPU data warehouse designed to enable unparalleled business intelligence from massive data stores. Global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before, while achieving improved performance, reduced footprint, significant cost savings and the ability to scale the amount of data they analyze to hundreds of terabytes and more. SQream DB is available both on premise and in the cloud. To learn more, visit sqream.com or follow us on twitter @sqreamtech.

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