451 Research: SQream Delivers High-Performance Big Data Analytics with the Look and Feel of an SQL Database and NoSQL Power Under the Covers

By Ami Gal

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Using GPUs, SQream Offers Unmatched Analytics Capabilities with Very Little Rewriting of Existing SQL Schemas


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 15, 2015 SQream Technologies today announced that 451 Research, a preeminent information technology research and advisory company, highlighted SQream’s big data analytics SQL database in a 451 Research Impact Report titled, “SQream Promises Screaming Data Analytics on GPUs.”

Released in March 2015 and written by Jason Stamper, a 451 Research analyst for data management and analytics, the latest report discussed SQream’s price/performance as well as its ability to easily offer petabyte scalability.

In the report, Stamper wrote, “Perhaps SQream’s biggest boon is not that it claims to be able to do analytics on large data sets one hundred times (x100) faster than more traditional approaches, at forty times (1/40) less cost, but that it can do so with little rewriting of existing SQL schemas. That’s because despite using graphical processing units (GPUs) to speed performance and having its own NoSQL database under the covers, it looks and feels just like a SQL database to developers and analysts.”

The report continued, “Rapid analysis of large datasets has been a thorny problem for many companies in the likes of finance, telecom, gaming, scientific research and more. The emerging Internet of Things will need to handle very large volumes of data very fast, so SQream might have a role here.”

451 Research previously included SQream in its October 2014 Data Platforms Map  as well as in a May 2014 Impact Report titled, “Challenging the Big Iron, SQream Speeds Up and Cuts the Cost of Querying Large Datasets.” Authored by John Abbott, founder and distinguished analyst at 451 Research, the report outlined how SQream’s unique Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)-based technology is capable of analyzing up to 100TB of data and digesting up to 2TB of data an hour on industry-standard 2U servers – such as the Dell R720 – with a single NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerator.

Abbott stated in the report, “SQream has custom-coded its database for NVIDIA GPUs, and for those customers requiring extremely high performance and rapid load times on very large datasets, [SQream] could well prove to be a highly cost-effective alternative to the big parallel data warehouse boxes, or an easier option than the technically challenging Hadoop/MapReduce clusters.”

About SQream Technologies

SQream Technologies provides organizations with the fastest and most scalable big data analytics SQL database. Through patent-pending GPU-based technology that boosts analytics performance by up to 100 times, SQream aims to usher in a new era of big data analytics. Founded in 2010, SQream is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States. Visit www.sqream.com.

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