Apache Iceberg

By Noa Attias

3.11.2024 twitter linkedin facebook

Definition and Overview

Apache Iceberg is an open-source table format designed to enhance data lake management by providing high-performance, large-scale data processing capabilities. Developed initially by Netflix, Iceberg addresses the challenges of data consistency, schema evolution, and efficient querying in complex data environments.

Key Features

  • ACID Compliance: Ensures transactional consistency across large datasets, enabling safe concurrent operations.
  • Schema Evolution: Supports changes in schema without affecting the stored data, facilitating agile data management.
  • Efficient Querying: Optimizes data retrieval, enhancing analytical performance on vast data volumes.

Use Cases

Ideal for data lakes and mesh architectures, Apache Iceberg is pivotal in managing large datasets, supporting diverse data processing engines, and providing a robust platform for scalable and flexible data operations.


Apache Iceberg represents a significant advancement in data storage and management, offering a comprehensive solution for modern data challenges, backed by a vibrant open-source community.