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Webinar: SQream Hosts Citihub’s Tim Jennings to Discuss GPU Accelerated Database Use Cases in Capital Markets


July 18, 2018 @ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Virtual

In this webinar, SQream will host Tim Jennings, who works in Citihub Consulting’s Business Transformation practice, for a review of Citihub’s findings from their recent white paper: “GPU-Accelerated Databases: Addressing FRTB Risk Results Reporting and Other Performance-At-Scale Challenges in Financial Services.”

Financial Services companies have a growing need for performance-at-scale access to very large datasets (e.g. for FRTB reporting and analysis). In support of this trend, Citihub Consulting has completed some initial baselining and comparative analysis of GPU Accelerated database solutions, to determine the maturity and performance potential of these tools.

This webinar will review Citihub’s findings. While the webinar will discuss a financial use case, the findings with regards to performance-at-scale access to very large datasets, are relevant for all industries and enterprises with very large datasets.


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