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Webinar: Accelerating analytics at scale for higher quality business decisions


March 7, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Virtual

Enterprises worldwide are beginning to understand the challenge of effectively analyzing their ever expanding data stores. For many of these users, the massive amount of data available has outgrown the capabilities of traditional data warehouses. To maximize the proficiency of their data scientists and analysts, enterprises must look to new architectures which allow them to quickly and directly access, analyze and extract value from these data sets.

Join experts from DDN Storage, Sqream, and 451 Research as they discuss infrastructure approaches and solutions that are enabling full GPU and CPU saturation for high-throughput computations common in data science, BI reporting, and ad-hoc analytics workflows. They will also share how the DDN A³I® and SQream DB solution enables end users to optimize the performance of advanced business queries without facing complexity at-scale, and how the combined solution allows companies to analyze more data faster and at significantly lower cost than traditional data warehouses.

Available now for on-demand viewing!

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