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STAC Summit Chicago


October 16, 2018 - Virtual

STAC Summits bring together industry leaders in architecture, app dev, infrastructure engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in the finance industry. Come to hear leading ideas and exchange views with your peers.

Come meet SQream at STAC Summit Chicago for the latest on big data analytics with GPUs!

SQream will be participating in the panel |Staying ahead of data analytics challenges” – Big Data, Big Compute

* Jerry Nelligan, CTO, XR Trading
* Edouard Alligand, CEO, QuasarDB
* Joel Sehr, VP Americas, SQream Technologies
* Venkatesh Nagapudi, VP Product Management, Vexata

The challenges inherent in data analytics to support trading and investment, as well as the potential of new technologies to help, have been big topic of research and discussion at STAC for about a decade. Even after all that time, it’s still a hot topic. Why is that? What are the most recent challenges, and how can firms solve them? Our panel will bring together several innovators with unique angles on the topic. To kick off, the vendors on the panel will each provide a short presentation:

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