Partner with SQream | Data Analytics Acceleration Platform

Partner with SQream

We work with our partners to liberate customer organizations from their growing data stores while achieving their full potential through a data analytics acceleration platform built for Massive Data.

Helping Organizations
Do More with Massive Data

We are motivated by the vision that every organization should be able to achieve the full potential of their Massive Data stores, for critical insights that can mean the difference between business success and failure.

SQream’s Partner Program was created to provide organizations with the tools and backing necessary to implement the SQream data analytics acceleration platform and achieve this goal.

Every day, we work with our partners around the world, terabyte by petabyte, in the effort to make this vision a reality.

Benefits of the SQream
Partner Program

Partners get the backing of the industry’s leading technology experts and a world-class marketing team, to help them share the SQream data analytics platform and the benefits it can bring to potential customer organizations.

As part of the program, we provide access to technical assets and support, training and certification, cooperative marketing activities and events, and more. Partners are kept abreast of product developments, new marketing materials and joint event opportunities. Our partners are part of the SQream family, and we are invested in their success from start till end.

Technology Partners

Technology partners are an integral part of the SQream platform. We work with BI, network and storage, hardware providers and system integrators to offer organizations a total data analytics solution that complements their existing ecosystems.

Infrastructure & Hardware Partners

GPU infrastructure and hardware partners offer a variety of solutions for fast and reliable deployments of SQream. Together, we provide organizations with a powerful answer to their growing data challenges, enabling faster ingestion and a shorter time to reaching critical insights.