U.S. & Israeli Entrepreneurs Unite: SQream Technologies Presents at The USI Tech Roadshow

By Ami Gal

5.7.2014 twitter linkedin facebook

Wouldn’t it be great if U.S. and Israeli investors and entrepreneurs could come together as one to discuss the hottest technology trends of the future?
We think so, which is why SQream Technologies is proud to participate at the USI Tech Roadshow this year, taking place May 7th in New York. SQream’s CEO, Ami Gal, will be presenting SQream’s revolutionary Big Data database in front of a panel of senior technology investors and founders. 225+ entrepreneurs, investors and tech executives will be present at the third annual USI Tech Roadshow aimed at bringing together U.S. and Israeli investors, executives and entrepreneurs.
With the goal of discussing Big Data development in both the United States and Israel, Ami Gal will demonstrate how a Big Data center can be implemented in just 1 box. SQream’s database is capable of producing 100X faster Big Data insights for a much lower cost (compared with leading providers) with the power of a single NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU. SQream’s Big Data technology is disrupting the future of Big Data analytics and is sure to have an impact on the audience at the USI Tech Roadshow this year.
The US Israel Business Council is providing a wonderful opportunity for Israeli and American thought leaders to come together as one, and SQream Technologies couldn’t be happier to be 1 of the 8 startups chosen to demo at such an innovative conference!
Watch Ami Gal present on Big Data at the NVIDIA 2014 Emerging Companies Summit: