The 5G Data Explosion: A Challenge or an Opportunity?

By Sarah Hakim

3.3.2021 twitter linkedin facebook

Organizations across industries see their growing data stores as their most valuable asset. The key to driving business is the ability to tap into and extract the business value hidden in these treasure troves of data while it’s fresh and actionable. In the telecoms world in particular, the advent of 5G will compound its importance. Telecoms will either thrive or be left behind based on their ability to take full advantage of the massive incoming 5G data in order to face the fierce market competition and intense pressure to stand out.

Opportunities abound for mobile operators who can manage and rapidly analyze the extreme data growth that 5G wireless technologies will bring. From creating new business models to optimizing network quality of service and customizing products and services for millions of subscribers, the rapid growth of data, if properly managed, will be key to driving competitive advantage and increased revenues.

A recent study estimates that 5G technologies will be the driving force behind $13.1-trillion in goods and services by 2035. By enabling critical communications, largescale IoT, and faster, better broadband, 5G is the game-changer to which everyone will need to adapt to propel business.

Although telecoms understand the need to capitalize on the opportunities brought by 5G, their technological readiness to actually face the incoming data volumes tells a different story. Most mobile operators rely on legacy analytics infrastructures that are unequipped to handle today’s volumes, let alone the explosion of data quickly approaching. Industry estimates show that only a small fraction of data in telecom organizations is accessed and analyzed while still fresh and relevant. Technological limitations on the scope and scale of data analytics lead to extremely long-running queries, time wasted on data preparation, and an inability to perform ad-hoc exploration, causing telecoms to lose out on game-changing and business-critical insights.

The newly released whitepaper, “How Telecoms Can Maximize Their Competitive Edge Using 5G Data” examines how the move from 4G to 5G is increasing the challenges associated with fast-growing data, and explores how several leading telecom operators are changing the rules of the game to not only overcome their massive data challenges, but also using it to gain the competitive edge. The whitepaper explores how, with unprecedented speed and flexibility, operators are uncovering critical insights about their infrastructure and customers, enabling superior customer experience with high-quality and reliable levels of service.