Survey: The Challenges of Massive Data Analytics 2021

By Sarah Hakim

1.4.2021 twitter linkedin facebook

As we enter into 2021, we are in a new reality – of work-from-home, deployment of largescale digital infrastructures, a move toward 5G and accompanying smart devices, and much more. Data is growing faster than ever and is being increasingly monetized and leveraged as the essential asset for driving business.

Yet the majority of organizations who have watched their data stores grow from big to massive struggle to achieve the game-changing insights required to propel the business. Arduous data preparation, extremely long-running SQL queries, and lengthy time-to-insight hinder timely access to critical business intelligence while it is fresh and relevant. Without the ability to rapidly translate their biggest asset into actionable insights and deliver concrete business value to the organization’s data stakeholders, the entirety of a business’ success is jeopardized.

More and more organizations are realizing that while their legacy data pipelines may have been sufficient for a previous era of Big Data analytics, they are unable to keep up with the exponential growth facing us today. They seek to bridge the gap between the limited capabilities of their data warehouses and Hadoop infrastructures with modern-day business needs by means of massive data acceleration. Data analytics fuels decision-making, and only technological restrictions can limit its potential. Rather than continuing to collect data we can’t fully use, the aim is now to make full use of the massive data at our disposal.

So what is the extent of the effect that these massive data analytics challenges have on real-world enterprises? How much data are they actually able to access and analyze? What are the biggest struggles experienced by data professionals in their efforts to turn their growing data stores into business value? Do organizations facing these challenges choose to keep their data on-premise, move to the cloud, or go hybrid? And which solutions they are turning to in their effort to analyze much more of their data, much faster? How will massive data growth and the associated challenges affect how you do business in 2021?

Join data professionals around the world as they share insights into the challenges they encounter on a daily basis, and receive free of charge the final survey report. The full survey report will be issued in February 2021, providing insights into the greatest challenges facing data professionals around the world.

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Wishing you a very successful 2021.