SQream Technologies Launches High-Compute Powered xDR Repository for Telecoms, Setting a New Bar for Telecom Big Data Analytics Solutions

By Ami Gal

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Company expands solution portfolio with xDR Repository introducing previously unseen levels of speed and scalability, allowing complex querying procedures at a shorter amount of time with much less hardware, at a lower TCO.


BARCELONA – World Mobile Congress – February 22, 2016SQream Technologies, software vendor providing a Big Data analytics database exhibiting new levels of speed, scale and simplicity, announced today the launch of xDR Repository, the latest addition to its suite of high-performing database solutions.

IP traffic, CDRs, location data and more are generated in speed and high volume like never before. Telecoms need to store this data and attain monetizable value from it in real time.

The release of xDR Repository follows SQream DB, the company’s flagship solution released in October 2014, that introduced a high-speed GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) columnar SQL database addressing performance and efficiency hurdles facing Big Data analytics. A second launch took place in April 2015 when SQream introduced GenomeStack, the company’s answer to the traditional file-based, highly time-consuming manual process for storing and analyzing genome sequenced data.

xDR Repository – Storing petabyte-scale datasets with up to 100 X faster analytics capabilities

xDR Repository is a high-capacity NAS dataset management storage system with high compression ratio capabilities. The powerful engine allows any analytical tool to generate real-time insights from months and even years of data while eliminating the need for OLAP cubes.

Dramatically Shortening the Time of Preparation Cycles

xDR Repository enables Telecoms to shorten the time of preparation and data augmentation cycles significantly (CDRs download, mediation and insert), as it doesn’t require any indexing.

Other than billing cycles, xDR Repository also addresses challenges related to Telecom network event handling and cyber and anomaly analysis.

“Big Data solutions are increasingly making it possible for telecom providers to understand their customers’ behavior and preferences” said Ami Gal, CEO at SQream Technologies. “Massive amounts of data analyzed in real-time enables service providers to deliver a better digital experience to its customers. xDR Repository addresses CDRs and IP data, and is an effective platform for making accurate predictions and reaching intelligent decisions – working directly from a single point of knowledge.” “We see it as our mission to deliver performance and simplicity to our Big Data users, and to transform “Big Data” from a buzzword to a movement that will transform the way you do business.”

SQream will offer xDR Repository demonstrations today through February 25 in Hall 5 – stand 5E81- Israel Pavilion, at the 2016 World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

For more information on the MWC event, visit http://www.mobileworldcongress.com .
For more information on xDR Repository, visit sqream.com
About SQream Technologies

SQream introduces the first patent-pending award-winning technology that boosts analytics performance through massive parallel computing, using a GPU-based technology (Graphic Processing Unit). The revolutionary technology delivers up to 100 times faster Big Data analytics than any other key market player, with scalability capabilities surpassing existing database analytics by orders of magnitude – representing a new era for the Telecom, IoT, Finance, Genome Research and Cyber Security industries. Founded in 2010, SQream is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States. Visit www.sqream.com.

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