SQream Technologies @ DLD Tel Aviv 2013

By Ami Gal

10.17.2013 twitter linkedin facebook

Last week was full of excitement for the Israeli startup world. DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival took place from October 14th-17th and a ton of sensational events were going on all around the city. SQream Technologies had the pleasure of partaking in a few events, allowing us to show the world what a little startup from Ramat Gan is really made of!

CEO, Ami Gal and myself headed out to the Tel Aviv Geektime Conference Monday morning to do some social networking and schmoozing. We met a ton of interesting people who told us all about their startups. We learned about companies specializing in new smart phone apps, social media solutions, Big Data visualization tools and much more.
Ami and I also had the pleasure of meeting with Jeff Pulver, the co-founder of Vonage, VoIP pioneer and amazingly inspirational people person. When asked about SQream Technologies, Mr. Pulver kindly shared his thoughts, mentioning, “When the news comes out, whether it’s a few months from now or a few years from now that they became the next Israeli exit, don’t be surprised.” Wow, I couldn’t agree more (thanks Jeff)!
Ami and I dropped by the DLD Conference on Wednesday morning to meet with VC’s and spend some more time networking. We made our way over to the Microsoft station for meet and greet sessions with VC’s. This was followed by the Garage Geeks Party later that evening where I was interviewed by Bloomberg News and where Ami met with the CTO of Amazon, Werner Vogels. It just goes to show that SQream Technologies is certainly up to BIG things. Yes, we are a little startup in Ramat Gan now, but soon we will be the next “billion dollar Israeli exit,” as stated by Jeff Pulver.